News Alert! . . .Scientists: Ripper DNA claim has ‘serious DNA error’ . . .

Vincent van Gogh was not as he seems. The difficult-to-accept and shocking true nature of Vincent van Gogh is revealed in Dale Larner’s new book VINCENT ALIAS JACK. It turns out that the timid Van Gogh the public has always held in such high regard was actually a calculating, psychopathic serial killer.

As Van Gogh painted and murdered over the years, his creative mind and his serial killer mind fused together. A desire for more intense and unique artwork developed, and the idea to create an alter ego to kill by was born. Needing recognition for his bloody work, Vincent then began writing nefarious letters to the London police and newspapers and provided the world with the name of his other self . . . Jack the Ripper!

Although a seemingly outlandish claim, in VINCENT ALIAS JACKDale Larner provides the evidence that once and for all solves the most widely known unsolved case in history. Matching up the details of Van Gogh’s life and letters to Jack the Ripper’s deeds and letters, the conclusion becomes obvious and unavoidable . . .
                               Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper!

Van Gogh Ripper Book Promo