MeHat10Dale Larner is a writer and painter with a background in the computer field.

After holding onto his dreams of becoming a writer and painter for years, Larner committed to becoming a writer in 1998 and began the long journey of learning the craft. As the years passed, he realized he had learned enough to understand that the novel he was working on wouldn’t be what he wanted, and he shelved it and began brainstorming ideas for a new novel in 2006.

It was within this state of mind that Larner then found himself recalling a discovery he had made in 2004 that seemed on its surface to be impossible. He picked it back up again, and after some research, determined what he had found was not impossible but in fact true, and he decided to write a book about it. After 3 years of meticulous research, followed by 2 1/2 years of writing, he completed his narrative non-fiction book, VINCENT ALIAS JACK.

Larner has also written a few short stories, which can be found at

As for painting, Larner would be the first to admit he has yet to be as productive as desired, but he continues to push himself to paint new things. A few pieces of his artwork can be seen at

Dale Larner continues to quietly write and paint in his Jacksonville, Florida home with his dogs Max and Buster by his side.


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