BuzzFeed Article: 5 Reasons Why Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper
Provides a quick look at some of the evidence, including a handwriting comparison. Synopsis for Vincent Alias Jack
I have provided a short summary of the book here and also a paper on the details of how Van Gogh killed his father.
The best place to find info on the Jack the Ripper murders: victim photos, articles, Ripper letters, and much more. Also, follow the discussion about VINCENT ALIAS JACK on the forum at:

Jack the Ripper Site
For everything mysterious, this is a fun site filled with lots of curiosities. Join the discussion about VINCENT ALIAS JACK on their forum at:

Van Gogh Ripper on
True Crime Uncensored
The legendary Burl Barer interviews True Crime writers.
Fascinating interview of Dale Larner about VINCENT ALIAS JACK.

Van Gogh Ripper Interview

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Newspaper archive for London news of the past.

National Archives of the UK
Look up police records and Ripper letters.

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Van Gogh MuseumThe Van Gogh Letters at the Van Gogh Museum
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