Van Gogh Right Leg
Irises Right Leg Revealed
Vincent van Gogh used a stem with a bloom on the end to represent Mary Kelly's lower right leg and foot. But more specifically, as seen in the Mary Kelly photo, Jack the Ripper removed the flesh from Mary Kelly's right thigh, which left the thighbone visible, and Van Gogh felt it was necessary to show the de-fleshed right thighbone in his Irises painting, and he did so by allowing the yellow background color to show through.

The photo of Mary Kelly also shows that the right thighbone was broken in two, and Van Gogh also depicted this in the painting with a touch of blue to break up the yellow.

There was a reason why Jack the Ripper paid special attention to Mary Kelly's right thigh, and why Van Gogh painted it in his Irises painting---it related to his mother. Four years before Van Gogh murdered Mary Kelly, he helped nurse his mother back to health after she broke her right thigh.

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Van Gogh Irises: Right Leg Revealed

Van Gogh Painted a Right Leg Hidden in Irises Painting