Van Gogh Irises Hidden Dog
Van Gogh Dog Revealed
Vincent van Gogh, acting as Jack the Ripper, placed actual dead dogs in his victim, Mary Kelly's, room after he murdered her, so he had no choice but to include some dogs in the Irises painting.

The first dog face is well defined and is located in the painting in the area of Mary Kelly's right knee. It's facing to the left, and the two darker areas are the eyes.

The second dog face is facing the viewer with the right side of the face covered, but with the left eye and brow, the nose, and the mouth and chin visible. It's in the left hip area of the Mary Kelly depiction.

The third dog face is located at the top of the painting and is facing upwards and to the left with its left ear showing. The round blue area is the left eye, and the snout moves upward into a point.

There were at least two dogs placed in Mary Kelly's room, and Van Gogh painted at least one other dog in the Irises painting. All the dogs are covered in more detail in VINCENT ALIAS JACK.

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Irises Dog Revealed
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Van Gogh Irises: Dogs Revealed

Van Gogh Painted Dogs Hidden in Irises Painting