Van Gogh Irises Hidden Dogman
Van Gogh's Hidden Dogman Revealed
Vincent van Gogh wanted to represent himself in the Irises, and he chose to do so by using a Dogman-like image. The Dogman is facing to the left and down, as viewed. The flattened dark area is the nose, and below it is the mouth turned up in a growl.

Relating to content within the Jack the Ripper letters where the writer referred to eating parts of his victims, Van Gogh added a human kidney with a knife poking through it, which is held up to the Dogman's mouth. The white tip of the knife blade is seen near the mouth.

Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper.

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Close up of a Dogman Head
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Van Gogh Irises: Dogman Revealed

Van Gogh Painted Dogman Representing Himself Hidden in Irises Painting