Ripper Victim Mary Kelly Hidden in Van Gogh Irises
Photo of Ripper Victim Mary Kelly
Adding a highlight to the torso area in the Irises painting connects the other parts and helps define the position of the body, which matches to the basic position of Mary Kelly's body as it was found on her bed on November 9, 1888.

Vincent van Gogh was not working from some dark artistic creative license and painting Mary Kelly's mutilated face and body in his Irises from the photo.

Van Gogh painted Mary Kelly as he saw her after he murdered her. I believe he made a sketch of her while he was still in her room, and that he then painted her later in his Irises painting working from the sketch.

Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper.

See the overwhelming and powerful evidence in VINCENT ALIAS JACK.

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Close up of Mary Kelly's Face and Body
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Van Gogh Irises: Mary Kelly’s Body Revealed

Van Gogh Painted Mary Kelly’s Body Hidden in Irises Painting