Irises Mary Kelly's Face
Van Gogh Mary Kelly's Face Revealed
Vincent van Gogh captured in paint what he had caused with his knife as Jack the Ripper. Van Gogh positioned the representation of Mary Kelly's face in the Irises so that it is facing the viewer, and he used black and blue on the side and top to represent her hair.

Van Gogh used blue for the eyes and black for the nose, which he shows only as a skeletal cavity, since he had cut off her nose.

The mouth is pulled up in a sort of grin on the right side of her face, with the teeth showing.

This face was what I first saw in the Irises painting, and it was the necessary key to unlocking all that Van Gogh hid in the painting, and it was also the necessary key to unlocking his hidden, Jack the Ripper, identity.

Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper.

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Van Gogh Irises: Mary Kelly’s Face Revealed

Van Gogh Painted Mary Kelly’s Face Hidden in Irises Painting