Mary Kelly's Face
Image and permission provided by the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: ref. F678
Mary Kelly, Nov. 9, 1888
Hidden Images Revealed
Irises, 1890, Vincent van Gogh
Image and permission provided by The National Archives of the U.K.: ref. MEPO 3/3155
Van Gogh Irises Painting
Photo of Jack the Ripper Victim Mary Kelly
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Scroll over Irises to reveal hidden images. Click on items to left to view close-ups.
Right Leg
Left Leg
Mary Kelly's Face and Body
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Vase of Irises Against a ...
Vincent Van Gogh
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"I should like to paint portraits which would appear after a century to people living then as apparitions." —Vincent van Gogh to his sister Wil, 5 June 1890, W22,
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Vincent van Gogh Irises

Mary Kelly Revealed Hidden in Van Gogh Iri