Got On the Rush Limbaugh Show Today!

Rush listeners–this is for real. I live in Realville, just like Rush and all of you. The initial discovery of hidden images led to 3 years of intense research, and the evidence is clear–Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper!

Please help spread the news and get the story out there.

Thanks, Snerdley, for letting me on, and thanks Rush for allowing me to tell about the book. It means a lot to me. This one is for real.

Dale Larner

Listen to the conversation here:

Radio Interview Available

Dale Larner’s April 27 interview with Burl Barer at True Crime Uncensored is now in the books and available. Mattt Alan, Howard Lapides, and Mark Boyer were also in attendance in this madhouse of fun and fascination. Great time! Full hour.

Radio Interview Van Gogh

Radio Interview

Radio interview set for April 27 at 5 p.m. EST with Burl Barer on his California based show True Crime Uncensored. Listen live online. Discussing VINCENT ALIAS JACK. Digging into the details behind the claim that Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper. Hear the evidence. It’s for real. Van Gogh was not as he seems.
Van Gogh Ripper Interview

Pitching to Publishers

After listening to my wise and perceptive agent, Stacey Donaghy, and completing an additional edit of the manuscript to reduce the page size, VINCENT ALIAS JACK is now leaner and meaner and polished to a glimmering and shimmering shine.

And now . . . the starting gun has sounded, and the pitch to publishers has begun. Let the race begin!

Stay tuned . . .

Literary Agency Info

For those who haven’t heard . . .

I’ve obtained a literary agent for VINCENT ALIAS JACK! Needless to say, very excited about this. One step closer to getting it on the shelf. Here are the details.

The agency: Corvisiero Literary
The agent:    Stacey Donaghy

Stacey is proving to be just the right agent for me. Besides keeping me in line, she’s also a little twisted like I am. Her enthusiasm and fascination for the book also makes her the ideal agent to represent the book to editors and publishers. Expecting great things.

Thanks for the patience of those who are following along with this. It will still require more, but less than before. 🙂

Visit the agency website to see my profile listed under Clients.

Website for Corvisiero Literary Agency

Dale Larner